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Reem's: Nourishing the People's Movement

Enjoy Reem's award-winning food on June 20 as they receive the Local Business Townie Award! Reem's fuels the People's movement with more than just their award-winning Arab street food. Their business model leads with economic justice principles, helping to create a thriving community.

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Call to Fund a People's Budget!

The City of Oakland's budget needs to address our biggest issues including housing and homelessness, crumbling streets and too many low-wage jobs. Call your Councilmember today to stop the Mayor's budget which would spend the majority of our money (the general purpose fund) on police and police overtime.

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Working to End Police Militarization

We are proud to honor Stop Urban Shield with the Volunteer Townie of the Year Award on June 20. Through years of organizing resulting in victory, Stop Urban Shield struck a massive blow to police militarization in the Bay Area and beyond.

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The 2019 Townie of the Year Goes to...

Come out to party with us on June 20 at the Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards as we recognize the critical work of OEA to defend schools where all young people can thrive.

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Let's Get Our Collective House in Order

Our spring campaign aims to bring our budget into alignment with our values by holding the richest corporations in California and Alameda County's Sheriff Ahern accountable for the neglect and harm they're piling on our communities.

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Partner Portal: Integrating Data across Our Collaborative

To move people up the ladder of civic engagement, our movement needs technology that effectively reaches voters and other residents, tracks their involvement, and analyzes the results. Currently, each...

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Building Capacity for the Movement

This past March, we held two multi-day events to fortify the capacity and effectiveness for both our organization and collaborative partners. We are more committed than ever to increasing the political power of working-class people of color and immigrants to win racial, economic and environmental justice in Oakland and beyond.

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Oakland Rising’s Family Is Growing!

What's Next for Our Schools

The fight now moves beyond the teacher strikes that have happened across the state and to the ballot. It’s time to address what is at the root of this problem - chronic lack of funding. The Schools & Communities First Act - a proposition on the November 2020 ballot - will generate $11 billion dollars annually for...

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The Fight for School Resources Continues!

Last week, courageous Oakland teachers struck for living wages, smaller class sizes, more support services for our students, and a stoppage of school closures. This came on the heels of LA teachers who...

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