May 2018

2018 Values, Issues & Policy Platform: Local Solutions Leading the Way

Our 2018 Vision, Issues and Policy Platform outlines how we and our partners resist, protect and advance in this political moment. Read more »

Community Investments at Stake on June Ballot

"The District Attorney, as a public safety leader, is tasked with protecting families and communities from abuse and draconian practices that specifically harm communities of color." - Restorative Justice Advocate John Jones III Read more »

Youth Get Out to Vote

This month our youth organizing work leveled up as we hired three high school students to talk with millennial voters of color about the importance of the June Primary. Read more »

Strength in Numbers

Building the political power of Oakland’s working-class families of color is serious business, and we can't do it without the support of our neighbors and friends. With so much at stake this election year, we launched a fundraising canvass to increase our base of supporters and resources to fuel our campaign work. Read more »

Support Community Leadership on the Oakland Planning Commission

 By Reverend Damita Davis-Howard

We’re in a development boom in Oakland. Cranes and bulldozers clang downtown, building luxury condos, offices, and hotels. More and more people huddle in tents under overpasses, and more of us struggle to keep a roof over our heads. Read more »

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