February 2013

What Oakland's Most Crucial Issue?

St. Mary's Center

The most crucial issue facing Oakland today is our disconnect from one another.  When we see ourselves as contrast, our city starts to get smaller and fear starts to increase.  Yet when we stand with people previously overlooked, we start to see ourselves differently too.  We start to understand issues from a perspective not mentioned in the media.  We get to know people and the odds they face that we had not even imagined.  And we start to see ways we can support each other to influence different outcomes.                


Painting by: Rodney Bell

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Learn more about the Family Independence Initiative!

 "The Family Independence Initiative is a national center for innovating and testing approaches to economic and social mobility that strengthen social networks, respond to initiative, and respect lowincome families’ ability to lead their own lives". For more information contact: Paola Hernandez, Paola@fiinet.org or 510-710-6200 Read more »

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