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Strengthening Economic Opportunity

Oakland can be a city of real opportunity for everyone, not just some neighborhoods. If we rise together as a whole, we won’t leave anybody behind. Too many families in the flatlands are living on the edge of their dreams, without good jobs or smart education to support healthy livelihoods. Our city’s policies have to put Oakland to work, support schools, grow small businesses and invest in youth programs that promote equity and sustainability throughout the city so all of us excel.

Ensuring Health & Safety

When it comes to health and safety, we’re all in it together. Oakland is stronger when we have safe streets, clean air, clean land and healthy food. When public safety doesn’t end violence in our communities, when environmental regulations don’t go far enough to protect us, and when some neighborhoods have more liquor stores than grocery stores, Oakland’s future is at risk. We need policies that focus on the prevention of violence and illness, and guarantee a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Sharing Public Dollars

Oakland’s taxes, budget and development plans should benefit all of us. Time after time we’ve seen city policies send tax dollars to the rich neighborhoods while the city continues to target the flatlands for cuts to services and resources. Oaklanders deserve common sense for the common good. When we share our resources fairly, everyone can get high-quality schools, libraries and community centers, affordable housing, transportation we can rely on, working streets and streetlights, and a fair chance for local business owners.

Building Stronger Community

Building a brighter future in Oakland means nurturing spots where we can live, work, play, learn, love, chill, jam, grow, and hope together. It means honoring the history of our city, and cultivating trusting relationships between Oaklanders - old and new. City gover

nment should prioritize responsible development that boosts beautiful neighborhoods, strong families, safe parks, excellent after school programs, local arts, culture, and Oakland pride, without pushing people out. Anything less is not enough for the Town!

Exercising Local Democracy

History shows we make great progress when we invest in a real partnership between our government and our people. As one of the most diverse cities in the nation, Oakland’s government has to work hand in hand with all communities to address all our people’s needs. Oakland needs an authentic local democracy to tell elected officials what we want and hold them accountable for making it happen. We should have votes that reflect our diversity and policies that make it easy for all of us to help make important decisions.

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