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Advocacy Group Makes Grants To Mobilize Voters

Akonadi Foundation President Lateefah Simon said, "Progressive philanthropy must play a key role in supporting electoral activism in communities of color this November and beyond.... Our Movement Action Fund grantees are galvanizing the new majority across Alameda County to vote and hold elected officials accountable during this...

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Oakland Community Organizers Encourage Young People to Vote in the Midterms

"Laneisha Butler, a community organizer with Oakland Rising, said many young people in Oakland are focused on leaving the area instead of on trying to change things. So Butler not only tries to get them registered to vote, but also connects them with volunteer and career opportunities.

'You need to really engage folks year...

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Oakland Coliseum

Poll: A’s Should Invest in Coliseum Site

by  on November 18, 2017 in Major-League Baseball

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