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Refund, Restore, Reimagine Oakland

City Council and the Mayor are currently reexamining the city budget and will be proposing changes to the 2021-23 fiscal year budget, with the process being finalized by June 30th. Despite our current budget deficit, more than 40% of Oakland’s general budget is projected to continue to go towards the Oakland Police Department (OPD). Last year we witnessed the largest historic racial justice movements bloom out of the loss of our beloved Black community members, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, shining a large spotlight on the excessive use of police violence and funding of police department budgets throughout the country.

We continue to witness the depletion of funds for community programs and services while a disproportionate amount of money is continually spent on policing and terrorizing of Black and Brown communities. This depletion of resources to our communities has created the conditions for increased violence and anxiety in our neighborhoods. It is time to reimagine what public safety and livelihood looks like for our communities – where we refund and restore our public schools, parks, and community services.

Join us in texting voters throughout Oakland and help us reimagine what public safety looks like in our communities. Text Bank trainings are scheduled Wednesday, February 3rd and February 10th from 4:30-7pm. Please note that a computer/laptop is necessary for this volunteer opportunity.



Notes from the organizer: ASL interpretation and Closed Captioning services will be available live on February 3rd. This training will be video recorded and rebroadcasted for during the February 10th volunteer day. Email [email protected] for any questions or other accessibility requests..




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