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Let’s be clear: white supremacy is nothing new and People of Color have been battling white supremacy in its many forms since the time...

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Training the Next Generation of Progressive Leaders

To build a more socially just Bay Area, we recruited this amazing cohort of leaders from base-building organizations across Alameda County to our new leadership development program. By recruiting from the base, we are lifting up leaders into appointed and elected roles who have ties to a community to which they are accountable.

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Speak Out for Affordable Housing TODAY!

Oakland's budget is a moral document and an expression of the core values of our city. Tomorrow our City Council will finalize the 2017-19 budget, so NOW is the time to take action and let them know we expect better.

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And The 2017 Townie Awards Go to...

We’re thrilled to honor several people and organizations who embody bold, innovative, values-based transformational leadership with our Townie Awards. We hope you can help us celebrate all of the positive impacts that our honorees and all racial, economic and environmental justice activists, organizations and...

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Results Are In! Community Investment is What Oaklanders Want

With the current national political climate, voters in Oakland and beyond are taking pride in advancing local policy that pushes back against the national right-wing agenda.They also sent a clear message to the Mayor and City Councilmembers for their support of a community-first budget and policy that prioritizes people over profit-driven...

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A Major Investment in Oakland Rising’s Future

It is with excitement and gratitude that we announce a package of projects to deepen the effectiveness of civic engagement across the Oakland Rising collaborative and to expand financial support from...

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Leading the Way with Local Solutions: Our Annual Policy Platform

Check out the 2017 Vision, Issues and Policy Platform to learn how we resist, protect and advance in this political moment. 

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Make It Fair This Spring

With the onslaught of federal attacks on working class people of color and immigrants, protecting our communities and advancing policies rooted in racial and economic justice is more important than ever.

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A New Plan For Oakland’s Planning Commission -- Action Needed

We are now one step closer to securing the critical reappointment of Jahmese Myres, which would guarantee that community voice will continue to have a strong seat on the Planning Commission as she advocates for more affordable housing and public land that serves the public good. But we haven't won yet....

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Volunteer with Oakland Rising

Volunteer with Us for Commercial Property Tax Reform!

Corporations currently benefit from a loophole in Prop 13 that allows them to make billions of dollars off of tax cuts. This is lost revenue that could be used to fund our schools, health clinics, and other local services.

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