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Happy New Year!

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, friends, families and neighbors for being a part of proving that everyday residents working together have the power to change the way our city is run.

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Oakland Rising's 2nd Annual House Party and Fundraiser

On Sunday, November 7th, we celebrated our work and vision for a better Oakland with dedicated supporters and new friends, at the home of Arnold & Karen Perkins. Thank you to our donors,  whose ongoing commitment and generous contributions enable us to build a progressive and forward thinking governing majority that realizes...

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Our Heartfelt Gratitude

To everyone who came out and knocked doors with us or made a donation over the last 6 weeks,WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

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Meet an Oakland Rising Star

I remember the first time I saw Dayna Williams – wearing a business suit, portfolio in hand, sitting front and center at a group interview for Oakland Rising’s Census campaign. After a great interview, the East Oakland native and formerly incarcerated single mom of two brilliant teenagers, was hired on to our field team.


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Oakland Rising Wins Prop 23 (No) and Prop 25 (Yes)

Three weeks ago we completed our 4th campaign of the year with big wins on Prop 23 (No) and Prop 25 (Yes), our biggest and best to date! Our team of 20 paid canvassers and 265 incredible volunteers talked to 13,585 voters over the course of 4 weeks, and 89% of them (12,057) supported our positions. This campaign was part of a...

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New Tool! Find Your Polling Place

Our cool new tool can show you how to get to your polling place! Check just to be sure you've going to the right place.

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Redford Center selects Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont as 2010 Art of Activism Award Recipient

Dear Friends~

Like you, I have committed my career to fighting for justice, equity and democracy for workers, low-income people, communities of color and the broader electorate.  We don't do this work for acclaim or fame, but out of a deep sense of duty and responsibility to the communities we come from and serve. As I enter the...

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HIRING - Team Leader

Oakland Rising has just opened our job application process for a Paid Canvasser Team Leader for our upcoming Ranked Choice Voting education campaign.  Please find the job description and application instructions below. 

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Get Out The Vote! June 5th and 8th

It's almost Election Day and we've gotta make sure everyone VOTES! 

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Party on, Oakland! June 16th at The Den!

Oakland Rising is teaming up with Oakland's Young Progressives to usher in a new era of political power that is committed to building an Oakland for everyone. Oakland has a long history of progressive activism and, like you, we want to see our legacy grow. We have an amazing group of young progressive leaders who are proud to serve as a Co...

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