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Human Rights Day 2012


Desde el pueblo de Oakland al pueblo Boliviano.

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Oakland Rising is seeking an experienced Field Director

Oakland Rising is looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working Field Director to direct our collective civic participation activities. The ideal candidate will have working knowledge and experience with electoral organizing and a commitment to social justice and equity for low-income, immigrant and communities of color.

Does this...

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Fall 2012 Voter Guide



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Bring a Neighbor to the Polls

 As we all know, the upcoming election on Nov. 6th will impact communities across California. If we work together we can inspire and change the course of our future. With that in mind, Oakland Rising is calling election day, "Bring a neighbor to the polls day." We are committed to turning out thousands of low-income, immigrant...

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Todos Somos Oakland

“Todos somos Oakland” means we are all Oakland. For the last 20 days, our Daily Team members have been talking to their neighbors, voters in East & West Oakland, because we believe that by working together we can build an Oakland for everyonePoised to reach 10,000 Oakland voters in time for the June Primary, Oakland Rising has...

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California’s Day of Reckoning

California is facing its “day of reckoning,” according to Governor Jerry Brown, who recently released his revised budget proposal, revealing a deficit of $15.7 billion. In his May 14th statement, the Governor said that the...

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Defend Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), Defend Your Vote!

In 2006, 69% of Oakland voters adopted Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV). We first got to see RCV in action during the 2010 election. It was instrumental in the outcome of the mayoral election by allowing...

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Trayvon and the American Legacy of Injustice

The killing of Trayvon Martin at the hand of a man named George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida, has set news centers on fire- from the New Black Panther Party's $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman's capture, to...

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Notes From the Field

With Oakland Rising’s first campaign of the year rapidly coming to a close, we have already contacted over 4,000 Oakland voters living in the flatlands of East and West Oakland to get their opinions about three tax initiatives that will potentially be on the November ballot.

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Behind the Merger: Effort's to Tax California's 1%

For the last 6 months, Oakland Rising as a part of the California Millionaires Tax Coalition, had been educating and mobilizing voters to support the Millionaire’s Tax. As many of you have probably heard by now, the Millionaires Tax and the Governor’s initiative have...

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