Special Thanks to our Donors for helping us make our Fundraising Goals

At the close of 2011, Oakland Rising set out to run our first ever end-of-year fundraising drive and raise $3,500 by the end of 2011. We reached out to our circle of donors, supporters, and volunteers and asked you once again to stand with Oakland Rising by supporting our campaigns with your grassroots donations and we were successful! We are honored and grateful to report that we not only met, but also exceeded our fundraising goal and raised a little over $3,500 (and there are still a couple of pending pledges).

Thanks to the support of 51 individuals like you, we increased the size of our donor base by 6% - no small feat for a small grassroots organization like ours! Funds raised through the end of year drive will be used to cover costs of training and dispatching our trilingual, trained field team for a series of voter engagement & education campaigns in 2012, including the Millionaire’s Tax and other important fights affecting the lives of Oakland’s low-income, immigrant, communities of color. Thank you for supporting this important work with your donations.




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