June 2019

Some Warriors Stay in Oakland to Help Us Thrive

It hurts to lose our beloved basketball team, but we know that with dedication and passion, anyone among us has the potential to help our communities rise. Join us as we celebrate and honor a true Social Justice Warrior among us - Alma Blackwell. Read more »

Reem's: Nourishing the People's Movement

Enjoy Reem's award-winning food on June 20 as they receive the Local Business Townie Award! Reem's fuels the People's movement with more than just their award-winning Arab street food. Their business model leads with economic justice principles, helping to create a thriving community. Read more »

Call to Fund a People's Budget!

The City of Oakland's budget needs to address our biggest issues including housing and homelessness, crumbling streets and too many low-wage jobs. Call your Councilmember today to stop the Mayor's budget which would spend the majority of our money (the general purpose fund) on police and police overtime. Read more »


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