April 2019

Oakland Rising’s Family Is Growing!

We're excited to share that Jessamyn Sabbag, our Executive Director, will be welcoming a little one late spring/early summer. A 3-day retreat with our collaborative partners and a 2-day management training this past March provided crucial space and support to ensure that our staff and collaborative have strong plans and systems in place to keep our work moving forward smoothly while she is out. Read more »

What's Next for Our Schools

The fight now moves beyond the teacher strikes that have happened across the state and to the ballot. It’s time to address what is at the root of this problem - chronic lack of funding. The Schools & Communities First Act - a proposition on the November 2020 ballot - will generate $11 billion dollars annually for California public schools, community colleges, community health clinics, and many more vital services by closing a 40+ year-old commercial property tax loophole. Read more »


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