August 2017

Guide to Weekend Activities to End White Supremacy -- 8/26-27

Our friends at Bay Resistance compiled resources to this weekend's actions to lift up unity and justice, and to push back against the hate and racism of the planned white supremacists events: Read more »

Building the New Majority

The future of political change rests in the hands of millennials. Their choice to engage -- or not engage -- in traditional civic avenues can tip the scales for the progressive movement. Read more »


Let’s be clear: white supremacy is nothing new and People of Color have been battling white supremacy in its many forms since the time white supremacists decided to steal people’s land and bodies. Nevertheless, the sight of a mob of white supremacists holding torches lit with flames high above their heads, marching through the streets of Charlottesville was scary to watch. What is even scarier is that this mob killed Heather Heyer who was peacefully standing up to racism and fascism in this country and the police did nothing to stop this. They also did nothing to protect a Black man, Deandre Harris, from being brutally beaten with metal poles until bloody. So, who are the police really here to serve and protect?  Read more »


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