About Us

Our Mission:

Oakland Rising educates and mobilizes voters in the flatlands to speak up for and take charge of the issues impacting our lives. We are a multilingual, multiracial collaborative with deep roots in East and West Oakland's neighborhoods, proving that everyday residents working together have the power to change the way our city is run. With longtime Oakland families and our newest neighbors working shoulder to shoulder, we are building on Oakland’s incredibly rich history to advance smart, community-first solutions for a thriving Town.

Our current work focuses on three major goals through which we are developing critical and key pieces of infrastructure necessary to build progressive power in Oakland:

  1.  Build a permanent political/electoral infrastructure;
  2.  Exercise and expand political influence; and
  3.  Align organizations and coordinate with other progressive forces.

Our Vision:

We envision an Oakland that realizes our shared dreams of health, happiness, safety and opportunity for all. A Town that stands for progress and sustainability, that models what is possible in American cities of the 21st century. We believe we can erase the racial, economic, political, environmental and educational inequities that have created barriers between us, and find collective strength in our city's diversity. We know that Oakland can reach its full potential when residents of any neighborhood, students of any school, riders of any bus can help lead our city into the future. We believe that this vision is possible, and that we will achieve it one vote, one meeting, one march at a time.

The Collaborative:

We connect progressive organizations and activists, community members, leaders, labor and faith-based institutions to Oakland’s progressive political electoral and movement building work. Our collaborative includes:

  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network unites a collective voice to develop an alternative agenda for environmental, social and economic justice, building a progressive base in low-income Asian communities. Significant policy gains include Oakland’s Climate Action Plan.
  • East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy provides leadership on economic justice issues as Oakland’s premier community-labor institutional alliance. EBASE collaborates on winning campaigns such as the minimum wage increase and Oakland army base jobs policy.
  • Causa Justa :: Just Cause challenges displacement and gentrification by growing coalitions and campaigns that confront corporate development with strategic community demands that serve the people. CJJC invests in the leadership of working class Black and Latino families to build community power that ensures long-term economic, racial and gender equity. Recent victories include the Protect Oakland Renters Act - Measure JJ.
  • Mujeres Unidas Y Activas uses activism to strengthen Latina immigrants and defend immigrants’ rights and social justice. MUA helps 100’s of women escape domestic violence, become strong leaders and take an active role in the movement for immigrants’ rights and social justice.
  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights advances racial and economic justice to ensure dignity and opportunity for low-income people and people of color. Past victories include securing millions more dollars for reentry programs and services with allies for Jobs Not Jails in Alameda County, and stopping the construction of a Super Jail for youth in Alameda County.
  • Bend the Arc, A Jewish Partnership for Justice, engages Jews in sustained action to champion equality and justice for disenfranchised people. This session, they helped pass SB 1143 to end long-term isolation of incarcerated juveniles.
  • Parent Voices Oakland fights for affordable and accessible child care for all families. They successfully advocated for $265 million to expand access to childcare vouchers and preschools, and reimbursement rates for childcare providers.
  • St Mary’s Center works with low-income seniors, children and families, focusing on basic needs and policies so people have food, housing, education, health resources and community support. They provide a safe environment to nearly 3,000 people annually where learning, healing, recovery and self-empowerment happens.
  • Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice disrupts cycles of violence and poverty which impact youth by taking a restorative justice approach. CURYJ leadership helped stop gang injunctions in Oakland.



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