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Lead East Bay

What does it take to have public leaders who are accountable and responsive to the East Bay's most impacted communities? We believe that it requires recruiting, training and supporting leaders from our working class communities of color. To advance a much more aggressive agenda for progressive change, we need the help of leaders who apply social justice values to addressing issues ranging from affordable housing and land use to criminal justice, and who are accountable to other grassroots leaders in their communities.

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Bring racial & economic justice to our communities this Fall!

Working together, everyday residents of Oakland's flatlands have the power to change the way our city is run.

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Yes On Z: Stand with Hotel Workers

Oakland’s hotel workers, who are primarily women of color, face sexual assault on the job at alarming rates. Stand with Oakland hotel workers by voting YES! on Measure Z this fall.

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Chinatown Candidate Forum a Success

Last month Oakland Rising co-hosted a nonpartisan Mayoral & District 2 Candidate Forum for the Oakland Chinatown Community.  Held at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, over 250 local residents attended along with staff and members from the 13 participating organizations including the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, League of...

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Yes on Prop 10 for Affordable Housing!

This election, Prop 10 (The Affordable Housing Act) offers a major opportunity to strengthen rent control – one of the biggest safe guards to keep working-class, people of color housed in...

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