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What does it take to have public leaders who are accountable and responsive to the East Bay's most impacted communities? We believe that it requires recruiting, training and supporting leaders from our working class communities of color. To advance a much more aggressive agenda for progressive change, we need the help of leaders who apply social justice values to addressing issues ranging from affordable housing and land use to criminal justice, and who are accountable to other grassroots leaders in their communities.

We're through BBQ Beckys...

Bring racial & economic justice to our communities this Fall!

Working together, everyday residents of Oakland's flatlands have the power to change the way our city is run.

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Mobilizing Oakland Voters for Nov. 6

This Fall through phone-banking, field canvassing, and texting, we will talk one-on-one with thousands of voters from our base -- immigrant, working-class, and communities of color -- about ballot issues and...

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Turning Organizers into Technologists

This past April, Oakland Rising launched the Movement Technology Fellowship to support our member organizations to expand their capacity by cultivating organizers and leaders with technological tools.

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Expanding Strategic Communications Capacity and Collaboration

Laneisha reports back on the Netroots Conference and the Bay Rising Communications Fellowship. 

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