Oakland Rising in the News

'Lightning Rod' Developer Removed from Conference Panel Following Concerns from Oakland Mayor and Tenant Activists

 "They’re co-opting with our name with an agenda of everything we stand against," said Jessamyn Sabbag, executive director of Oakland Rising. "When they talk about Oakland rising, they’re talking about rising profits. We’re talking about working class communities of color trying to defend Oakland against...

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Voter Guide 2016: Making Sense of It All With A Panel of Local Leaders

Hear Kimi Lee from our regional partner Bay Rising break down the ballot Props on Hard Knock Radio:
Part 1: https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=245661
Part 2: https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=245662

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Community canvassers spread democracy from the streets

By Howard Dyckoff, Oakland Voices, Tom Webb, Oakland Voices and Bill Joyce, Oakland Voices

OAKLAND — This election season, community-based organizations are getting out the vote on a number of local and statewide initiatives with tactics ranging from the old school — knocking on doors and phone banking — to the...

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