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Volunteer with Us for Commercial Property Tax Reform!

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming Make it Fair campaign! We will be talking to voters on the phone, on the doors, and through text about Commercial Property Tax Reform. Corporations currently benefit from a loophole in Prop 13 that allows them to make billions of dollars off of tax cuts, this is money that can be used to pay for our schools, health clinics, and other local services. Join us to make sure that corporations pay their fair share of property tax.

Please email to sign up to volunteer.


Nuestras Campañas: Inclinando la Balanza

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Haga una contribución a nuestra misión para hacer que el cambio social sea posible en Oakland.

Unidos, los residentes cotidianos de las planicies de Oakland, tienen el poder para cambiar la forma en que se gobierna nuestra ciudad.

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Voters Want A's to Stay Invested in East Oakland

Speaking with over 2,200 Oakland voters, our latest voter outreach effort shows that 4 in 5 Oaklanders want the A’s to stay at the Coliseum and invest in East Oakland.

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Oakland Rising's Jessamyn Sabbag Receives Local Hero Award

Last week Assemblymember Rob Bonta honored Oakland Rising’s Executive Director, Jessamyn Sabbag, with the Local Hero Award, calling her a "true moral compass for Oakland." A number of Oakland Rising allies also received awards for their work in the social justice movement, too. 

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Community Impacts of A’s Preferred Stadium Location

The Oakland A's are considering building their new ballpark next to Laney Community College and Chinatown. While we're glad the Oakland A's are Rooted in Oakland, we believe that community college public land should be used for public good like affordable education and protecting cultural, historic neighborhoods.

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