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Electrify A Generation

"This millionaire's tax they're talkin' about? That could electrify a generation."

That’s what Van Jones, former White House green jobs czar and founder of our partner organization Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, recently said about our Millionaire’s Tax initiative...

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Oakland Rising Honors Malkia Cyril

Malkia Cyril is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice (CMJ). As an award-winning organizer and communications leader, Malkia has more than 15 years experience conceiving and managing grassroots communications...

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Oakland Rising Honors Kamala D. Harris

On January 3, 2011, Kamala D. Harris was sworn in as California’s 32nd Attorney General. In representing the interests of the people of California, Attorney General Harris is committed to fighting transnational gang...

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Support the Millionaires Tax so that our Disabled population can live with Dignity

My name is Lanese Martin and I'm with Oakland Rising and I support the Millionaire's Tax. 

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Support the Millionaire's Tax so that our Elders can age with Dignity!

I'm Kopali Serna with Oakland Rising and California Calls, we represent over 23 community-based groups working together to restore the California dream. I've lived my entire...

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Oakland Rising Honors Jakada Imani

Jakada became Ella Baker Center's Executive Director in 2007, after serving as a lead strategist and chief team member on some of Ella Baker Center's most high profile campaigns for eight years.

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Oakland Rising Honors Bobby Seale

Bobby Seale was the co-founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense along with Huey P. Newton. After serving for three years in the US Air Force he returned home to Oakland, CA. He soon entered Merritt College in Oakland, California where...

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Oakland Rising Honors Goapele

Singer/songwriter Goapele broke out of Bay Area at the beginning of the last decade determined to make a difference in the world of music. Seamlessly blending genres while refusing to be limited by the “neo-soul” tag, the eloquent...

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Oakland Rising Honors Supervisor Keith Carson

Keith Carson was elected to the Board of Supervisors, Fifth District, in 1992, on a platform dedicated to inclusive and accessible government. The Fifth District includes the cities of Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, and the West Oakland...

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Oakland Rising Honors Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a forceful and progressive voice in Congress, dedicated to social and economic justice, international peace, and civil and human rights.

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